Twenty Tables

Was an opportunity to meet fellow photographers to share our questions, inspiration and work. Thank you to all the photographers that took part in Twenty Tables, it was inspiring.

Twenty Tables 2018 © Zach Weston

Twenty Tables 2018 © Jerry Rosenthal

Twenty Tables 2018 © Jerry Rosenthal


“Nothing beats seeing and holding real prints and books. I was inspired by all that accessible art (not behind glass) in one room, and with the artists there to talk about that work. More importantly, the energy/excitement was palpable, and I loved the non-competitive nature of it all. Every person/fellow artist in the room showed genuine interest in and wanted to talk about each other’s art. That was, at once, inspiring, uplifting, and energizing. Loved every minute– a real highlight. Thanks for organizing it.”  Diana Bloomfield

“I agree that the physical objects we make are so critical to witness first hand, especially in this, the age of the dematerialization of photography.

I also appreciated the opportunity to share my own work with people who truly “get it” in an atmosphere totally devoid of any commercial context. Too often the only time we show our work we can’t help but be thinking about whether someone might buy it – such a relief to not have to consider that!

Thank you for organizing this event, I consider it one of, if not the, most valuable part of the whole weekend. I really hope you continue to make this a part of Depth of Field!”
Bob Cornelis 

© Zach Weston

© Zach Weston



“It was so wonderful to see work in person and also able to meet and talk with such an amazing group of artists that I so wanted to meet! I also agree that the atmosphere was just so sharing and supportive – very different than the usual portfolio walks where the pressure is on and people are competitive. Twenty Tables had none of that – a really unique and special opportunity! Thank you.  It truly was a very special weekend!”
Paula Riff

“What a pleasure to see such diverse and refined work, and meet the talent behind it. Congrats to all. And a lovely venue for Twenty Tables, as well as the show. I certainly hope the next biennial will be in Carmel again.” Allen Birnbach

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