Image © K.K. DePaul, Honey Lazar, Josephine Sacabo, Brigitte Carnochan, Carolyn Hampton, Rachael Short, Julie Meridian.

Depth of Field is a collaboration between Photographers, Art Intersection, and Rfotofolio.

Depth of Field
Exhibition, Workshops, In Depth ( a photographers forum).
Rfotofolio @ Art Intersection

Depth of Field 2015
September 8 to October 24
In Depth ( photographers forum) September 11, 6:30 to 8:30
Members Reception September 12, 5 to 6
Opening Reception September 12, 6 to 8

Workshop with Diana Bloomfield, “Gum Bichromate”, September 12-13
Workshop with Connie Imboden “Authentic Encounters” September 11-12-13

“Depth of Field” is a celebration of photography.  In our inaugural event, in collaboration with Art Intersection, Rfotofolio is pleased to have the opportunity to exhibit the work of the photographers that have been on our virtual pages.  Their work spans the vast art form that is photography.  From city streets, to oceans, to places that only exist in our imaginations, these photographers have acted as our guides.

“Depth of Field” is more than an exhibition.  With workshops and a photographers forum (In Depth) Depth of Field is a gathering of photographers, and an opportunity to share their work, and knowledge  with others.  An event to engage and share with each other and anyone who is curious about the art of photography.

Art Intersection encourages creative individuals to take their work to the next level through programs and facilities in which they can learn, create, and exhibit.  They embrace and promote the intersection of photography with related art forms as they foster an imaginative and innovative approach.  With their exhibition space, darkrooms, lecture space, and digital labs, Art Intersection supports the photographic community.

Art Intersection’s motto is “Create – Learn – Exhibit”.

Art Intersection is located at:
207 North Gilbert Road, Suite 201,
Gilbert, Arizona 85234      Phone: 480-361-1118

Rfotofolio @ Art Intersection


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